Five Montana Wolf Hunting Tips from Linehan Outfitting Company
By angelamontana

Posted: October 4, 2017

It’s wolf season in Montana.  It has been since early September, actually.  Good luck to the wolf hunters, and congratulations to the successful wolf hunters so far.  Don’t forget to check the regulations BEFORE you hunt anywhere in Montana, as regs change and quotas do sometimes get filled in the WMUs that have quotas.

Here are the wolf season dates listed by MT FWP:

Here are  five Montana wolf hunting tips from Linehan Outfitting Company:

These 5 Montana wolf hunting tips are brought to you by Linehan Outfitting Company and hopefully provi knowledge and useful information that will help you become more successful in the field.

Montana opened it’s wolf hunting season a few years ago.  Wolf populations are now very healthy and balanced across the state and hunting for these awesome trophies is becoming more popular.  But nobody would argue that wolves are the hardest big game animal to harvest in the lower forty-eight states and some would argue the hardest big game animal to harvest in North America.  Wolf hunting is all about calling and Montana does allow the use of electronic calls.

Wolves are awesome and intelligent, big travelers, very vocal, and above all gregarious and curious.  They are territorial to a degree while maintaining a structured pack and social dynamic.  By keeping these characteristics in mind, you can start to learn more about how wolves can be more successfully hunted.

Here are five tips to help you hunt wolves more successfully.

  1. Hunt fresh sign.  Snow helps to this degree but a pack of wolves will leave sign and tracks if they are spending time in a certain area.
  2. Cover ground.  Don’t hit the same area over and over again.  Wolves travel.  They may be in one area for a day and then gone the next.
  3.  Call at night to help pattern their travel circuit.  By getting out at night and calling you can often get answers.  This will obviously help determine where to start your first calling session at first light.
  4. Position your call behind you.  By positioning your call behind you, you will often gain the advantage of having approaching animals focus on the call and inadvertently make the mistake of not sensing where you are located.
  5. Wear appropriate camo, be patient, sit still, and watch downwind as well.  Wolves will often come without having made a sound and from downwind like all other game.  Be ready and be steady.

Wolves are an awesome trophy species to hunt.  By keeping these wolf hunting tips in mind, you just might increase your chances of success.

(Feature photo of LOC guests Aaron A. and Travis F with Montana trophy wolf )
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