Hunter Bags First Montana Deer One Year After Near Fatal Hunting Trip
By Jackalope Jordan

Posted: October 29, 2017

An Oklahoma man has recovered after nearly losing his life to an accidental gunshot on a hunting trip in the Bull Mountains last year.

Tom Watters was out with other hunters with the accidental discharge occurred. An inexperienced hunter had chamber a 30-06 cartridge and failed to engage the guns safety before handing it over to the rifle’s owner. The gun went off and Watters was struck in the head by bullet shrapnel, according to a story in the Billings Gazette.

Fog prevented Watters from being airlifted to Billings so he was taken by ambulance. He underwent life saving surgery at Billings Clinic.

Watters was lucky to survive the ordeal. Not only did he keep his life, he decided to keep living it. Watters returned to the Bull Mountain this year for a weeklong hunting trip. He managed to bag his first Montana mule deer and found enough time to thank the surgeon who saved his life.

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