Ladies Carry (with Colonel Smoothbore)
By angelamontana

Posted: October 8, 2017

We humans come in an incredible number of body types and sizes and these factors make fitting not only guns, but also accessories a bit of a challenge.

For instance, over the years, I’ve found that most women shoot a higher combed shotgun much better than a smoothbore with a large drop at the comb. I’ve also found that standard handgun holsters don’t always fit women very well and when concealed carry is the subject, specialty holsters often are the best choice for the ladies. Here are a few options I’ve found that will really make carry much simpler.

First a standard outside the waistband holster. Blade-Tech™ makes a great holster that is available for just about any model handgun. What is really neat about this classic OWB holster is it can be ordered with an offset belt loop that will allow the gun to be carried in a vertical position. This makes drawing the pistol much easier and safer as the grip will not be pointing and digging into the shooter’s waist. I strongly recommend this set-up.

Another option is the ankle or calf mount holster. Bugbite produces a very nice unit that can be worn under jeans or slacks. While the draw from a holster of this type is a bit slower, concealment is very good. A couple of other companies that make quality ankle holsters are DeSantis® and Galco®.

Purse carry is a very common method for women. Two really great producers of firearms carry purses are Gun Tote’n Mamas™ and Galco®. Mama’s purses are great quality at very reasonable prices; Galco® offers some very chic totes, but some might find them a bit pricey. Quality is rarely cheap. If you engage in purse or tote carry, be sure that your pistol is in a small holster that overs the trigger and that nothing else is in the gun pocket; NO EXCEPTIONS. Other purse like carry includes fanny packs, be sure that you get one specifically designed or concealing a handgun.

There are several belt and PDA holsters that camouflage their intended purpose. The ABDO™ looks like a cell phone but actually hides a small gun such as a S&W™ Bodyguard 380 or a Ruger™ LCP. Simple slide the tab, ABDO™ opens and you can draw you gun. Galco® makes several really neat PDA like holsters such as the Defense Planner shown here.

I recently found a company, Dene Adams® that produces undergarments that incorporate close fitting holsters. There are a plethora of models and sizes to fit nearly any woman comfortably. I have not had any experience with users of the Dene Adams® products, so if any of you own and use any of them, please let me know what you think. Drop me a note at

Finally, before you use any of these carry methods, please be sure to get the proper training in how to safely draw and present you pistol. Each of these methods present challenges to getting your gun out of the holster and into position to defend yourself, and the NRA’s number one rule of gun safety really comes into play, “Always point the gun in a safe direction.”

Be safe and good shooting.
Colonel Smoothbore