PIG POWER!!! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: October 20, 2017

Catching PIGS is a goal of most anglers. If not Pigs, then “Hawgs, lunkers, whales, toads, jumbos, monstigators”, “troutasarus”, or simply “monster” fish! Size matters to the Pig Power Fishermen.

Nothing is more exciting than making hundreds of casts and finally you connect with a Pig. The thrill lasts a lifetime. It is so funny how we can forget some memories but always remember the big fish, big bucks, and big events in our life.

PIGS need to be hunted. They are not just found in every pool or riffle. You need to know where to look for Pigs! Once you target PIGS, you will catch fewer fish but you will hook bigger fish. Big fish are major predators which means you need to fish major flies, or lures.

Casting huge flies, or lures is work. You need stiffer, heavier, and beefier gear. Patience is a must. I remember hearing a Musky fisherman talk about how it takes 10,000 casts to get one strike from a trophy musky. This takes a lot of endurance, confidence, skill, and casting. Once you are hooked up, it is all worth it.

Hunting a big buck or bull elk is similar. You spend hours, and days, waiting for a moment. Those moments of excitement are amazing, and remembered forever.

No matter how many fish you have caught in a lifetime, hooking a Pig makes you feel like a kid again. Nothing else in life is as important as putting the pig into a net. The guy working the net has a thankless job.

Years ago, I was on a walleye trip to Canada. The lake we fished was a fly in lake called Echo Lake. There were also HUGE PIG PIKE in the lake. About midweek into the trip, I hooked a Beast! My friend was responsible for the net. He netted the 50+ inch monster and, despite my directions, lifted the net, and fish, hoping to swing him into the boat. The net broke and the pike slapped his tail, as he swam free. Needless to say, the Pig got away!!!

Damn!!! Pigs that escape the net may be the best memories of all. These failures make us fish harder and longer. We had a taste of Pig Power and want more. “There can be only one!”

Every cast could be the one that hooks a Pig. That is why fishermen never catch enough fish. “One more cast please!”

Pig Out!

Montana Grant

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