First Public Land Buck DOWN!
By angelamontana

Posted: November 22, 2017

Jason Maxwell, of Superior, was out with his awesome girlfriend last weekend looking for mule deer (that don’t seem to exist any bigger than a forked horn where she has her special antlered buck permit) and found himself a dandy whitetail buck.  A nice, heavy whitey with a neck the size of his own belly! (not really, but he was definitely rutting).  The shot was amazing. Just think of the lyrics by Bon Jovi “Shot through the heart”…then stop there.  A single shot through the heart with his VTR (.308) gave us meat in our freezer and quite the wall hanger to boot!  The buck maybe made it about 50 yards up the mountain side, and stopped, dropped and rolled down to a tree where he waited for us to approach.  Jason definitely got him in the pump station, as he says.

I was trailing behind Jason as we were tracking the deer, and when he found him, I heard him say, “holy f#%@”….and I immediately thought…crap….he isn’t what he was hoping for….  But, when I saw this buck and looked at Jason’s face, I saw it was a happy “holy F#%@”!  I was ecstatic for Jason!  I also hadn’t realized this was his very first public land buck, as he has harvested many bucks in his life, but he has always been fortunate enough to have access to private ranches–lucky duck!

Anyway, what a way to pop his metaphorical public land cherry! (I took the cherry poppin part from our friend, Devin).

If Jason was more excited than I was, then he was almost to heart attack mode, because my heart was racing out of excitement for him.  It just doesn’t get better than seeing somebody harvest an animal, much less somebody you care about dropping a beauty with one shot.  Congratulations, Jason–he’s a good one!!!!!

Oh, and I purposely made the feature photo of Jason the one without his orange because it’s funny when people say, “where’s his orange?” or “he probably didn’t even wear orange”.  Funny might not be the right word. 😀

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