BEST BUCKS!!! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: November 30, 2017

“BEST” is relevant to each hunter. All hunters have their “best” story, joke, recipe, or buck. The thing about the Best, is that once you do you best, the bar is now raised higher. Best, changes with each better best! Every hunter wants to get the most bang for their buck.

Your first buck starts off being your best buck. Hunter’s are happy to fill a tag. The excitement and satisfaction are always the best. What makes your buck the Best is the story, events, companions, or adventure. No two bucks are exactly alike. First bucks, big bucks, all bucks, are simply great.

One of my Best Bucks came 30 years ago. I had just become a Father. Hunting season was now an afterthought. I was committed to stay home and care for the new daughter and recovering Mama. My hunting buddies were off to camp, and their favorite hot spots for opening day. They all made fun of my poor timing. I would be home making soup and changing diapers while they would be slaying monster bucks!

Mrs. Montana Grant told me to go hunting, but be home by 10:00 am. How dare my friends disrespect Montana Grant. Not a problem. At least I could go through the motions of hunting and enjoy the opening day sunrise.

I was in my stand before sunrise waiting for the Big Buck. Sure enough, a herd of 30 deer came by. All were does except for one Big Buck. I leveled my slug gun and pulled the trigger. Deer went in ever direction after the shot. I lost sight of the buck.

After a little searching, I found a blood trail and after some brief tracking, I found my Big Buck! The huge 9 pointer would become my Best Buck. I named it “Jessie’s Buck,” after my daughter. The rack is on display in her home to this day. Oh, and I was home at 9:30am and none of my disrespectful hunting buddies tagged a deer.

Each buck, like sons and daughters, are no more or no less special. There have certainly been bigger and better bucks in my hunting archives, but all legal and honest harvested bucks are the Best. Every buck represents a special and exciting moment in time. The feeling of success never disappoints.

The Best part about best bucks is the quest. The hunting is the Best part. Scouting, companions, preparation, and testing yourself each year become the rite of passage. There are only so many hunting seasons in our lives. When the moment of truth arrives, each hunter does their best to make the best choice, shot, or decision. When a plan comes together, every buck counts.

All Bucks Matter!

Montana Grant

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