Log Hauling Begins North of Butte
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: November 11, 2017

Log Hauling on the Boulder Lowlands Salvage timber sale will begin Mon., Nov. 6 and continue through the end of November.  The sale is located north of Butte and west of I-15 (Elk Park #138 exit) along forest road #442 (Trask Lowland).  Log hauling will occur one mile south of the Konda Ranch trailhead along closed forest road #5047.

Log hauling will occur during weekdays only. Hauling on weekends, Federal holidays, and after 3 p.m. on Fridays will not occur.

Forest visitors can expect 10 log truck loads a day traveling these roads.  “Log Trucks” and “Logging Operations” signs are posted near the entrance to the sale area and in the vicinity of harvest units.  Firewood cutting is not allowed in any of the timber sale units.

For more information, contact the Butte Ranger District at (406) 494-2147.

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