Urgent: Portions of HD 313 to Close Temporarily to Elk Hunting
By angelamontana

Posted: November 6, 2017

Given the recent significant weather event and large migration of elk, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has issued an emergency closure of elk hunting in portions of Hunting District 313 including Crevice Mountain, Deckard Flats, Eagle Creek, and Little Trail Creek areas* effective Tuesday, Nov. 7 at noon through Sunday, Nov. 12.

The objective of this closure is to reduce the harvest pressure on elk in cases where large migrations occur during the general season to an area in which they are greatly vulnerable. This is now the case in hunting district 313 with significant snowfall in surrounding areas. Authority to institute this emergency closure in this area was granted by the Fish and Wildlife Commission in 2016.

This closure applies to elk only.

The legal description of the closure boundary is included below.

*Deckard – Little Trail Creek Elk Hunting Closure: Those portions of Park County lying within the following-described boundary:  Beginning at the confluence of the Yellowstone River and Little Trail Creek northwest of Gardiner, then northeasterly along Little Trail Creek up to its headwaters, then easterly to the USFS Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Boundary, then easterly along said boundary to the North Fork of Bear Creek, then southeasterly along said creek to its confluence with Bear Creek, then northerly along said creek to the confluence of Pine Creek, then easterly along said Creek to the intersection with the USFS Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Boundary, then southerly along said boundary to the boundary with Yellowstone National Park, then westerly along said boundary to the confluence of the Yellowstone River and Reese Creek west of the town of Gardiner, then westerly along the Yellowstone River to its confluence with Little Trail Creek, the point of beginning (see attached map).

(via MT FWP)