Hunter Kills Deer with a Missed Shot [VIDEO]
By angelamontana

Posted: December 26, 2017

Keith Warren decided to hunt whitetail on a management hunt with his .50 caliber BMG and had every intention of killing a doe with a head shot–but, what happened was crazier than that.  The shockwave from the .50 cal killed the doe, as he actually missed the deer!  Here is a comment on the video from Warren himself and the actual footage:

Thanks to everyone for watching and commenting on the video. I’ve taken some flak from those who believe I shot the doe through the eyes. I want to address that. I had every incentive to say I shot the doe directly through the eyes and was amazed at how little damage the (non-AP) round did.

Certainly, it appears that way from the kill shot, and many people would simply leave it at that. However, that’s not what happened, and I wanted to be completely candid with my fans. A taxidermist and I did a full necropsy of the doe’s head, and there was no internal damage to the brain cavity or bone loss to the skull. It was one of the strangest things to ever happen to me afield, and I wanted to share exactly what happened with you in this video.

As a final note, I want to emphasize that whatever reason you hunt, however you hunt, and whatever you hunt for, we’re all hunters — and I support you. Far too many times hunters and conservation organizations divide themselves into their own special interest groups. I guess this division is inevitable as each of us have a favorite way that we hunt, but each of us should realize as hunters, all hunters, no matter where they hunt or what they hunt for, we’re special people. As special interest groups and the armchair experts divide hunters, I think it is time that all hunters unite–each and every one of us. Hunters should stand strong, stand proud and stand united because it’s hunters that live their lives to the fullest making sure that future generations will have wildlife and wild places to enjoy. 

Good hunting, Keith

(Feature image via YouTube screenshot)