Efforts To Stop Grizzly Bear De-listing Need Sportsman Input
By Toby Trigger

Posted: December 9, 2017

De-listing the Grizzly Bear in the western U.S. is the next logical step in the recovery of the species.

However, will court rulings in the mid-western states for an entirely different species prevent road blocks for western Grizzlies?  Not with YOUR help!

Joe Kondelis, President  of the Western Bear Foundation recently wrote on the topic urging sportsmen and women to get involved by adding input:

“Due to a recent court ruling reversing the delisting of the Gray Wolf in the Great Lakes area the USFWS has once again decided to review the current delisting rule for the Greater Yellowstone Grizzly Bear.  Its frustrating for sure, a totally different species in a totally different environment could change our current situation with the grizzly bear in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. 

We are asking all of you to please follow the below link and put in a quick comment supporting the delisting of the GYE grizzly bear.  It only takes a few minutes and your comments are very important. Based on what we are seeing for comments the sportsmen community is seriously outnumbered.”

Follow the link below to let your voice be heard!

Copy the link below and paste into your web browser.  Read the information about the reason for the public comment request and follow the instructions for submitting.

This is important.  Here’s the link: