Get Trophy Animal Harvest Info from B&C through Onx Maps
By angelamontana

Posted: December 22, 2017

Boone & Crockett has joined forces with onX, and now you can get a layer for your onX Hunt App that shows records of harvested trophy animals.   What are your thoughts?

Here is part of the article posted on (read the full article here):

For a club founded in history and tradition, Boone and Crockett and its members are also well aware that technology and modernization can help strengthen hunting’s core message and base population.

With this knowledge in hand, the club took a partnership with onX Hunt and digitized their trophy records and transferred that data into a heat map, allowing for a comprehensive view of trophy and population concentrations.

Trophy records of animals, which are integral to monitoring big game populations, are now a valuable asset any hunter can monitor and use to their advantage. The new digital database works as a layer for the onX Hunt App and Web Map, showing concentrated areas where trophy class animals were harvested. Whether you are rattling in whitetails in Ohio, glassing the Arizona desert for Coue’s deer, or watching an Alaskan mountain range for sheep, the layer has trophy data for every North American big game animal you can imagine. The layer is not only perfect for hunters targeting high quality animals in their own state, but also comes in time for those planning to apply for out of state tags.  

The Boone and Crockett layer is $9.99 for the year plus your current membership.  This layer is a nationwide layer, too.  Are you getting the layer?

(Feature photo via King S – Pinterest)