Hunter Struggles to Field Dress Elk After it ‘Falls into the Earth’
By Jackalope Jordan

Posted: December 17, 2017

A Wisconsin man who shot a 5×6 bull elk in Arizona fought the hard work of field processing the animal even more difficult when the bull fell into a large hole in the ground.

Patrick Durkin was hunting in the Kaibab National Forest in Arizona when he spotted a massive bull elk. Durkin managed to down the bull but the elk decided to play once last trick on Durkin. It dropped into a hole created by roots of a fallen tree removing soil and that’s where the bull died, according to a USA Today Network article.

Durkin was not able to pull the elk out of the hole. He removed the left side of the rib cage to gut the elk and had to remove one front and both hind quarters on that side before he was able to flip the animal over to access the backstraps and tenderloins.

Patrick Durkin/USA Today Network photo
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