If It Looks Like a Llama–It Could Be a Llama….
By angelamontana

Posted: December 21, 2017

Although this may not be wildlife-related, it can affect you if you’re driving to get out ice fishing….or doing holiday traveling in the area….or just in the area doing nothing.  Apparently, on December 20th, there was a llama wandering around the south end of Dillon Rd in Columbia Falls.  A passerby steered it away from the highway, but it wouldn’t let the woman get near it.

This was posted on social media HERE, so if you have any information, maybe you should post there and contact the person that posted the picture…or post on the site that your llama is missing.

So, if you see something that looks like a llama…and acts like a llama….and you’re in Columbia Falls–it could be a llama…even though you may want it to be a wolf, it is not a wolf, so don’t shoot it if it looks like a llama.

(photo via Shay Darner)