Tiber Reservoir Ice Fishing Report 12.18.17
By angelamontana

Posted: December 20, 2017

If you’re headed to Tiber, here’s what we got from Ice Fishing Montana–note that this was the day before yesterday:

Ok people…..Tiber ice report. I did fish Tiber for the last three days. Day one was 3-4 inches of good solid ice. Caught 6 small hammer handles, a few perch and a few walleye, between the two of us fishing. Pike were all caught on Pautzke Fire Brined Smelt. Perch and walleye with minnow heads on jigs. Day three was today….big weather change made for only 2 wind trips and one small pike. Ice built inch and a half yesterday. Today the ice had a ton of water on top and lots of open water. Big water is still all open. Ice starts west of the boat launch at willow creek. Lots of snow today along with cold weather should re set the ice. But be warned, there are a few huge open cracks this year in the willow creek arm….I’ve never seen these there before. They are pressure cracks and methane pockets combined. Super scary so be careful. I will try to post a map with where these are so nobody goes near them.

They didn’t get a map up yet, but there’s some information for those headed that way.

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