Kit’s Tackle’s Trevor Johnson’s 2017 Bull Elk!!
By angelamontana

Posted: December 8, 2017

Trevor Johnson is known for many things–one of those things is his and his dad’s fantastic business–Kit’s Tackle.  Another thing Trevor is known for is his addiction to the outdoors–whether he’s hunting, fishing or just out enjoying everything Montana has to offer.  Passion for conservation, passion for the outdoors and passion for his family seem to be what drives Trevor Johnson.

After tagging his 2017 bull elk, Trevor wrote in great detail about his hunting adventure on the Kit’s Tackle blog .  His words make you feel like you were there with him!

Here is an excerpt:

Only being able to see a glimpse of the ivory horn, I swung back and held on the front shoulder.  A reminiscence of what I’ve done year after year on mountain timber bulls.  Being moments from shooting light, a six foot flame rolled out the end of my barrel.  The bull wheeled and ran.  It is crazy how things go into slow motion; I ejected the shell and I can still visualize the cartridge tumbling through the air until it hit the ground bouncing back and forth until it found its final resting place.  Picking it up, I rubbed my thumb across its shiny surface realizing in the moment how truly blessed I am.  I said a prayer that I made a good shot and for the magnificent creatures life.  Lost in a glowing trance of bittersweet, I was violently brought back to reality with a loud crash that was to close for the bull to not be hit.  Gently placing the shell casing in my pocket, I removed my GPS and marked my shooting position.  Now dark with no moon, I slowly headed down the hill in the direction the bull went.

You can read Trevor’s complete story of his 2017 bull elk here and check out more pictures.

Congratulations on a beautiful bull!!


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