Family Bull! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: January 1, 2018

“Did you get your elk?” This is a common question asked throughout Montana each season.

Families that hunt together, stay together. Great hunting companions, whether family or friends, are hard to find. The Stovall family is an example of what hunting heritage is all about. They hunt every season as if it were their last.

Kirk Stovall is the father of this crew. Reid and Jesse are members of this elk hunting posse. Each has their special skill whether as a marksman, bowman, caller, or tactician. Together they have been successful in “getting their elk” almost every season.

This season 3 bulls were harvested in 3 different locations. The boys tagged out using a bow. Dad, who is not as mobile these days, used a rifle.  There is plenty of meat in the freezer and plenty of bull to be spread after this successful season.

Hunting companions are special. Whether connected by blood or friendship, these relationships are thicker than blood. It is hard to find hunting buddies that you can trust, are honest, sharing, and safe. This Buddy will know where you are, follow the plan, share stories and tips, and always have your back. Hunting as a team is so effective and so much more fun.

In some ways, bulls have nothing to do with the goals of the hunt. Time spent together, stories, memories, and fun are the real trophies. Filling a tag is just icing on the cake. Teaching hunter safety, working with youth groups, and setting a positive and honest legacy are what great sportsmen do.

Montana is a state where this story is common. Our outdoors spirit and legacy are alive and well. Every season offers an opportunity to hunt, fish, ski, or simply experience the great outdoors. We only have so many seasons left! Don’t waste them.

Hunt often, and hard!

Montana Grant

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