Man Shoots Another Man’s Hunting Dogs [VIDEO]
By angelamontana

Posted: January 9, 2018

A Facebook post is going viral after it shows a confrontation between a man that shot and killed another man’s trained coyote hunting dogs, claiming he could do it because the dogs were on his property barking at him.  The dogs’ owner was understandably angry.

The woman that posted the video included this with her caption:

My son is going to be devastated… These dogs might belong to my cousin but my boy loves them too.. This man better pay! These are trained coyote hunting dogs and this man took it upon himself to shoot not just 1 but 2 this morning.. please share.. Mr. Barr i hope you do some time for this one. Also the blood you see is from the dogs he shot and was caught removing their collars. The dog owner did not assault this man however, he did take his gun from him so he was not shot while retrieving his dead dogs.

What are your thoughts on this footage?