Montana Bullet Makers Offer Variety to Reloaders
By Jackalope Jordan

Posted: January 31, 2018

Whether you’re looking for affordable cast lead or precision machined monolithic bullets, a Montana manufacturer has you covered.

In Montana we like to buy local whether we’re shopping for beer or sporting goods. Many ammuntion manufacturers call Montana home but the shooter who prefers to load their own has some in state suppliers as well. The Billings Gazette recently profiled two bullet makers who represent opposite ends of the bullet spectrum.

Ron Matney, owner of Montana Cast Bullets, produces low cost but high quality lead bullets. Whether you’re looking for hard cast bullets to defend against grizzly bears or hard to find calibers for a vintage firearm, Matney can help.

Hammer Bullets offers a very different flavor. The Lakeside based company machines bullets out of solid copper rods. The resulting product is both precise and non-toxic.

Next time you’re developing a load consider looking for locally manufactured projectiles.

The Sledge Hammer from Hammer Bullets.

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