FWP Reducing Walleye Numbers at Canyon Ferry?
By angelamontana

Posted: February 16, 2018

With a record number of walleyes being netted at Canyon Ferry in recent surveys, Tom Kuglin with the Helena Independent Record wrote an article that the Missoulian published stating that FWP is looking to reduce the walleye numbers at Canyon Ferry, which is managed as a multi-species fishery that includes a “balancing act” between walleye, trout and perch.

“Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks endorsed and the commission approved raising the walleye bag limit from 12 to 20 fish daily. Also approved was reducing a length restriction from the current one fish over 25 inches to one fish over 20.”

FWP received 42 public comments, with most supporting the increase in bag limit, but wanting to see the size restriction at 16 inches to further target harvest at the abundant small fish.

FWP pushed for the 20-inch restriction, said former area biologist Eric Roberts, to give anglers more time to target plentiful smaller fish.”

Read the full article here. What are your thoughts?