Mountain Lion in the Rattlesnake-January 2018 [VIDEO]
By angelamontana

Posted: March 14, 2018

We live in Montana.  We know the weather is crazy, there is a lot of wildlife here, especially predators now, and it is our responsibility as human beings to manage wildlife populations as we keep encroaching on their territories.   Hunting and trapping is not everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s okay as long people realize the importance of management and appreciate that other people are willing to do it.  This footage is something that is seen once in a while but could be seen every day and not if we did not manage our wildlife populations.

Here is something a lot of people in the Rattlesnake don’t want to see in their yard. The footage was recorded by Heather Kronner at the end of January and posted by NBC Montana.  I’m just glad nobody was recorded trying to pet the cute and cuddly kitty, but I, personally, wouldn’t mind seeing this feline on my property if I had a tag and the season were open.

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