By Montana Grant

Posted: April 19, 2018

Spin fishing is a wonderful way to catch fish. Spinners may have treble or single hooks. Bait fishing is also a fun when using lighter tackle and smaller hooks. Some hooks may have hair, twister tails, or flies tied onto them. Here are some suggestions and ideas to be a great spin fisherman.

  1.) Sharpen your hooks!

Try sharpening even new hooks. Use a small file or pen type of sharpener. Every time you snag, catch a fish or hit debris, the hooks will dull. You will have 4 times as many hook ups if you sharpen a hook.

2.) Use swivels.

Tie a small barrel swivel at the end of your fishing line then add a fluorocarbon tippet. This tippet is smaller in diameter, stronger, and invisible. The swivel will also keep your line from twisting which means less tangling and more angling. All good things.

3.) Go with colored fishing lines.

Try using Gold Stren, or a colored fishing line, that you can see. It will improve casting accuracy and help you see light strikes. Quality lines also tie secure and strong knots. Store your rods and reels out of the sun. Heat and light degrade your line quickly.

4.) Great Drags will help you land Great Fish Efficiently!

The most important part of your tackle is a great drag on your quality reel. A smooth drag will allow you to land bigger and stronger fish in a timely manner. Playing a fish too long will kill it. It may swim away after an extended battle, but the lactic acid that builds up in the fish’s muscle will help to kill it in a few days. If you plan on keeping the fish, enjoy, and kill it before placing it into a cooler. 4-5 minutes, or more, of battling a fish is excessive for most trout, panfish, and smaller sport fish.

5.) Practice your casting.

This is great fun for the whole family or at parties. Place a bucket, or your Cornhole decks, 20 yards away or so. Add some candy, money, or drinks to the bucket and have casters try to put a dummy lure into the bucket. If beer is the choice of beverage, you can help control consumption. This is a great game to play at a fish fry.

The more you cast, the better you become. Use different styles, angles, seats, and distances. Add some obstacles to help become even more accurate. Fish love to be near and tight to structure. That’s where you need to accurately cast.

Fishing is great fun. No matter where you fish or what you are catching, a screaming drag, and fisherman,  along with a bent rod makes for a memorable day.

Tight Lines!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, visit his website at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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