The Anglr Gadget — Too Much or Too Cool?
By angelamontana

Posted: April 4, 2018

Apparently, the Rod-Mounted Anglr Tracker won’t help you CATCH fish, but it will record your location every time you catch one…and cast….and you can include the tackle used, etc.   Apparently, this gadget is good for the anglers that like to keep track of exact locations where fish were caught and how your casts relate to successful catches, times and all that jazz.  It mounts on your rod, so it isn’t an extra gadget to carry around in your pocket.

Here’s a description on this fishing tool from

The Anglr Tracker consists of a small device that can mount onto any fishing rod. When paired with the companion app, it can detect your location and automatically mark a map of it with pins to show the exact spots where you managed to land a catch. A button on the device allows you to manually add pins on the map, which can be useful for keeping track of various points of interest you run into while navigating the body of water on your boat.

Aside from dropping pins for catches and points of interest, the device can detect every cast you throw, the direction of those casts, fight time (how long it took to finish reeling your fish in), and reeling behaviors for all your terminal tackle. Features include waterproof construction, real-time streaming over Bluetooth, and local condition recording so you can have all information at your fingertips when reviewing your performances later.

You can purchase one for around $129.99 directly from the Anglr website.  Some long-time anglers may be vehemently against such a gadget, while other anglers seem to be interested in learning to utilize the information this gadget summarizes for you trying to figure out how to consistently find success while fishing.

Too much or Too cool?

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