By Montana Grant

Posted: April 22, 2018

Many hunters and fishermen hunt to feed their families! Fish, fowl, and protein are natural, organic, and healthy. Wild meats are free of chemicals and antibiotics. It is important to consume food that is healthy, delicious, and great for our omnivore bodies.

Some foods are better than others. Many people are extremely concerned about what they put into their bodies. As a Scientist, and Biologist, I have always prided myself on feeding my family the best foods possible. Wild game and fish fit the menu perfectly, but why?

Science teaches us what is important about our GUT biology! A multitude of microbes and bacteria process what we eat. When their population is in full force, our overall health is at its best. Antibiotics and chemicals called Lectins kill the good gut critters. After a dose of antibiotics for a cold, our guts are in trouble for a few months. Lectins are common in the skin of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and other related “nightshade” plants. These foods also hamper our healthy gut flora.

Chickens, beef, pork, and all domestic meats must meet strict nutritional standards. This means that they are fed large amounts of chemicals and antibiotics. These chemicals are stored in the fat of the meats. When we consume the meat, we introduce these chemicals into our bodies.

Wild game is wild! Some folks say that they don’t like wild game because of its wild taste. That taste has no toxins, chemicals, and antibiotics. Generally, things that taste the best are preferred by microbes that are the worst for us. Therefore, we crave sugars, junk food, and fatty foods. Good microbes also will make you feel at your best when you eat healthy.

Healthy wild meats are full of flavor, protein, and proper things that our bodies need. You can certainly add spices and find wonderful ways to prepare the wild harvest you and your family enjoy. Many hunters process their harvest themselves. This will ensure quality cuts of meat and clean, delicious meals. Vacuum sealing the meat allows you to freeze it safely. Normally, meat is best kept frozen less than 6 months.

Wild Game, it’s what’s best for dinner!

Montana Grant

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