Applicants Sought for National Forest Resource Advisory Committees
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: May 15, 2018

Candidates are needed for membership on the Southwest Montana and Tri County Resource Advisory Committees.

Resource Advisory Committees (RACs) were established to review and recommend projects to be carried out using Title II funding under the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act (Public Law 112-141).  Projects are funded that protect, restore, and enhance fish and wildlife habitat; improve the maintenance of existing Forest Service infrastructure; protect and enhance ecosystems on the national forests; and restore and improve land health and water quality.  Past projects include maintenance of Forest Service roads, trails and infrastructure; replacement of county bridges; control of noxious and exotic weeds; and reestablishment of native species.

In 2018, it’s expected the committee will make recommendations concerning projects in Beaverhead, Madison, Silver Bow, Granite, Powell and Deer Lodge Counties.  The committees are made of up to15 representatives.  Without full membership (a quorum), no recommendations can be made.

“It is critical that we find qualified members to serve on the RAC.  Without a full committee, funds that have been committed by the Counties to complete this important work cannot be utilized for potential projects.  “I’m seeking candidates that will represent a wide array of interests to help each RAC reach full membership” said Forest Supervisor Melany Glossa.

Citizens are urged to consider applying to participate on the one or both of the Resource Advisory Committee’s.  This is a great way to learn more about management of public lands and help to allocate Title II funds to worthy projects that will improve natural resources on our public lands.

The committee has or will have vacancies for members to represent the following interests:

  • Developed outdoor recreation, off-highway vehicle users, or commercial recreation
  • Energy and mineral development
  • Commercial timber industry
  • Federal grazing permit holders or land use permit holders within the RAC area
  • Nationally, regionally or locally recognized environmental organizations
  • Archeological and History
  • Nationally or Regionally recognized wild horse and burro interest, wildlife or hunting organizations or watershed associations
  • Hold State-elected office
  • American Indian tribes
  • School officials or teachers
  • Public at large

Individuals may nominate themselves or others, but the nominees must live within the State of Montana.  The application form and additional information can be obtained from either Breck Hudson,, (406) 683-3935 or, Molly Ryan,, (406) 689-3243, or online at

Nominations and applications are due by September 14, 2018, and may be sent to RAC Coordinator Breck Hudson, 420 Barrett Street, Dillon, MT  59725.

Committee members serve without compensation, but they are reimbursed for travel expenses.  Meetings are typically held twice a year.

To help ensure that the recommendations of the committee have taken into account the needs of the diverse groups served by USDA, membership includes to the extent possible, individuals with demonstrated ability to represent women, men, racial and ethnic groups, and persons with disabilities.

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