Big Hole River Fishing Report by Sunrise Fly Shop 5.2.18
By angelamontana

Posted: May 4, 2018

Here is the latest from Sunrise Fly Shop for anglers wondering what’s happening with the Big Hole River:

The Big Hole is coming back into fishable shape. We had a stellar day yesterday and it should continue to improve as long as the river keeps dropping. We are doing the best with streamers, san juan worms and stone fly nymphs. The weather looks stable and the river should continue to improve. We currently have 18 inches of visibility. We have not found too much for dry fly fishing. With increases in water temperatures over the next few days you should fins some hatches of March browns, skwallas and blue winged olives. 

To find out what the recommended flies are, check out the Sunrise Fly Shop website here!

Photo caption:  Our client caught a nice brown yesterday (May 1st) on the Big Hole River