Hi -Country Smokin Kokanee Candy!
By angelamontana

Posted: May 30, 2018
So what does the Captain do with all the kokanee that they catch from Lake Mary Ronan? Its simple–he gives them to Berny, and, with the help of Jim Johnson’s Wild Salmon Brine Mix from Hi-Country Snack Foods, she turns them into kokanee candy.
Last weekend, Berny smoked up salmon that were caught the week before.
She soaks in brine for a minimum of 48 hours–in this case she put the fish in the Hi-Country Brine Thursday night and smoked the fish Sunday morning. Instructions are in included in each box. She then smoked at 175 for 6 hours.
You can smoke longer depending on how you like the texture of your fish.
Eat up!
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