Lower Madison Fishing Report by Fins & Feathers 5.13.18
By angelamontana

Posted: May 15, 2018

Fins and Feathers out of Bozeman reported the following on the Lower Madison:

Color has started pushing through Ennis Lake and clarity has begun to suffer on the lower Madison. It’s not unfishable, but the fishing has been much tougher due to the plummeting water temps. The water temp shock coupled with the cloudy water means that fish are holding tight to the bottom and need to be hit in the face it order to eat. So, make sure you are working the clam slicks along the bank with multiple casts. Firebeads and worms have been the best bet; however, Bow River Buggers, sculpins and darker crayfish have also been good options (think contrast).

Here are the flies they recommend:

Hot Pink San Juan Worm

Hare’s Ear BH Caddis Pupa

Natural Sculpzilla

Brown Elk Hair Caddis

Check out the Fins & Feathers website for streamflow information.