Town comes together for orphaned owls
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: May 30, 2018

The town of Livingston is coming together to help bring justice for a mother owl who was killed by a mean-spirited person this week.

“For those of you unaware, there has been an owl and two owlets living near the middle school,” the Livingston Firefighters Facebook page posted Wednesday. “Middle school students have been following these owls since they were born. Last night someone killed the mother, throwing rocks at her (witnessed from a distance). I’m happy to report we were able to safely capture the owlets and they are on their way to the Raptor Center in  Bozeman. Livingston Firefighters, Local 630 is offering a $200 reward for information that leads to catching the person responsible.
The list of rewards contributors has been moved to a different post. The total is $2,430.”

The list of those donating include:

Liz Ballou $25
Joanne Gardner $25
Coffee Crossing $100
Obsidian Collection $100
Jennifer Zang $50
Matt Blades $200
Heather Gavaghan $20
Ami Testa (Grizzly Encounters) $200
Pat Armstrong $20
Dave Jennings $50
Erin Harris $20
Nancy Kiser $20
Nancy Poole $20
Kris Kelley (Chloes Barkery) $100
Alicia Davis and Drew Myers $100
Marian Cisco $75
Ann Hahn $10
JoAnne Nordhagen $50
Jenny Rogge $10
Barb Romans $20
Trish Clayburgh $10
Kenzie Jesson (Rockin’ 3 Arena) $25
Angela Pitman $15
Traci Isaly $40
Jazmin Price $50
Lisa Bush (Park Your Paws) $50
Corrine Couch $20
Marsh Clark $25
Sally MacDonald $25
Carrie Pintar $20
Teresa Livermore $25
Eleanor Hammonds $25
Meriweather Campbell $25
Carly Hendrix $25
Barb Fletcher $50
Richard Dorion $100
Sheryl Dahl $50
Nicole Stott $20
Kristen Jacobsen $50
Julie Swanson $40
Tanya Calhoon $20
Kim Bonnell $100
Julimarie Wistey $100
Rob Kroenert $20
Gretchen Tigner $25
Michael Sanders $25
Tara Westlie $10
Cole Murphy $25

All owls and hawks are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act.


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