By Montana Grant

Posted: May 3, 2018

Roughing it afield can be less rough by being more ready! Finding ways to make our outdoor trekking more comfortable is always fun.

The other day I walked the dogs and found a ton of burrs, the dogs collars and my shoe laces took the worst of it.

To help shed burrs, take some paraffin before you hit the trail. Rub the paraffin along your laces and on the cloth dog collars. Less picking and more grinning will be the result.

Boaters In canoes and rafts need to have the right oar or paddle for the job.

These levers work best if they fit the boater. Bow paddles can be shorter than stern ones. For the bow, the oar should me measured from your feet to just under their chin. The stern paddle can be a tad longer and come up to the paddlers eyes.

Splinters from gathering firewood can be easily removed using this trick.

Chill the area affected with ice, or cold water. This will help ease the pain before you start digging with a sterilized needle or pin. Once you see he end of the exposed splinter, use tweezers or fishing forceps to grab and remove it.

Camping gear that has spent the winter in storage may need some First Aid.

Prepare a kit before your next trek. Include Duct Tape, heavy duty thread and needles, fabric patches, strap material, buckles and nylon cordage, Goop silicon adhesive and sealer. Extra needs for lighting and lanterns, such as batteries and mantles are also wise to pack along.

Showers are awesome when trekking in primitive places.

Use a black trash bag to hold and heat stream or lake water. Place them in direct sun. You will be amazed at how warm the water can get. It is also ok to heat water over the fire and add to a warm water bucket or container. Now drop in a small battery-operated submersible pump with a simple sprayer attached. The improved hygiene and cleanliness will make primitive life more comfortable.

Trekking outdoors is a wonderful way to celebrate life. Being comfortable and healthy makes the trekking more fun.

Enjoy your adventures!

Montana Grant

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