By Montana Grant

Posted: June 28, 2018

Drinking fluids allows us to refill our “bags of water” bodies. Re-hydrating is essential for our bodies to stay afloat. Mammals weights are more than 55% fluids. Our blood is like sea water. Every cell in our bodies contains fluids. Water is truly our life blood.

For years, I was able to hunt and fish hard without drinking. I always carried a few bottles of water or a canteen. My companions would usually burn through their supply and I had to share mine. As I have aged, that has changed. I now require a steady flow of fluids especially afield. Trekking smarter is the main reason. Why be thirsty?

For Father’s Day, my daughter gave me a nice water bottle. “Drink two fill ups a day Dad!” She is so smart. I use the water from our Culligan Reverse Osmosis water filter system, add some ice, and a slice of lemon.  The cool, clean water tastes great and is refreshing. My concentration, alertness, psychomotor skills, and overall wellness have improved.

Your body will tell you when you need a drink. Usually, once you feel “thirsty” you are already 2% dehydrated. It is best to consume at least 1 cup of water an hour even if you are not thirsty. Men require more water than women. Men need 13-15 cups each day. Women need 9-11 cups per day.

Humans obtain 22% of their water from eating vegetables, coffee, tea, and yes BEER! The only problem is that sugary drinks go straight to your gut. Alcohol also ruins or reduces your body functions. Water is perfect for hydration without gaining fat and staying at peak performance.

You can lose weight from drinking water. The water will fill your stomach and reduce hunger. It also improves digestion and reduces calories.

Dehydration symptoms include muscle cramps, dizziness, headaches, loss of energy, and floaters in your eyes. Stop and take in water immediately. Adding some lemon will help. Propel Sport drink is a no sugar additive that also helps the body process water while tasting good. It is a great cramp eliminator as well. Propel comes pre-made or in small packets of powder. Simply sprinkle the flavored powder into your water bottle. There are also vitamins in the mix to help your body avoid cramps and stay alert when afield.

Our bodies require water. Back in my football days, we drank warm water out of buckets with a shared ladle. Bugs, grass clippings and dirt were an issue. Sharing the ladle wasn’t smart either. After two a day summer practices, that warm, filthy water still tasted great.

Cool water tastes better. Try freezing your bottles before heading afield. A filtration straw is also a handy way to drink from natural water sources safely. Spring water can taste amazing.

Stay wet and wild!

Montana Grant

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