By Montana Grant

Posted: June 3, 2018

We all want to get our limits! Advice, guidance, and the “Golden Rules of Life” have been shared throughout our lives. Some of these lessons stuck while other were Caught and Released.

Lefty Kreh was one of my fishing Mentors. His advice, guidance, friendship, and sense of humor stuck.  When he would do seminars, presentations, or talks, he would pass out his list of “Golden Rules for Living”. I paid attention to these rules since they came from Lefty. Parents are often tuned out.

Recently his Grandson Sam posted the list on Facebook. Lefty passed away earlier this year, but his lessons live on through his family and friends. My copy of these rules was picked up years ago at a Gurney Godfrey dinner in Westminster, Maryland. A club known as the Maryland Fly Anglers, had their annual banquet and Lefty was always in attendance. So many other wonderful Mentors were also there.

What we do for others means something. The help, encouragement, instruction, and support we give to other sportsmen makes a difference in their lives. Remember that next time you volunteer at a fishing derby, event, or simply take a kid fishing. There are a lot of “if’s” in life, this list of Golden Rules will help.

Life needs to be fun, healthy, and happy.

Montana Grant

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