By Montana Grant

Posted: July 22, 2018

No one goes fishing or hunting to get skunked or have a miserable time. If this seems to be your norm, perhaps you are doing something consistently wrong.

1.)    Blame problems and mistakes on everyone else. Humans learn from mistakes. If you don’t admit that you made one, how can you learn from it? Ok, you got snagged, your reel is tangled, you lost a big fish, your knots are poor, and 100 other things may have gone wrong. Each mistake is an opportunity to learn. Don’t waste a big fat mistake!

2.) Complain about everything.  Too many bugs, snakes, slippery rocks, sun is too bright, the water   is cold, I’m bored, no cell phone service, etc. Who cares? Try to just enjoy the day. Look for the fun and positive things that are also easy to find. Listen to the water, wind, critters, and embrace the beauty. You just may have a good time if you try a little harder.

3.)    Do not be grateful.  The guide, partner or friend invited you to do something they love. They wanted to do it with you. Be sure to appreciate their effort and investment in your friendship. Relax, laugh, enjoy and celebrate the friendship and adventure.

With these 3 things you will seal the deal when it comes to having few fishing or hunting buddies and no limits or filled tags. You will always be skunked, lonely, and right!

You can also discover the amazing things that fishing, and nature offers! Fill your limits with that!

Catch a Big One!

Montana Grant

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