It was a Whitefish Sunday for Captain and Crew!
By angelamontana

Posted: July 30, 2018

Deadeye Denny Bedard and Scott Arnold “The Painter” headed up to Flathead Lake with the Captain on Sunday in search for whitefish. it was their first trip and it proved to be successful. The morning began a little slow with a few fish being caught at the Big Arm bay point. They then headed for Rollins and that is where they fished by themselves and began catching a lot of whitefish. They only kept 20 but probably caught near 70-90 for their efforts. All the fish they kept were good size and caught in 50 feet of water with the exception of one area around Painted Rocks where they fished in 40 feet of water. They used the dark and light green rattle-d-zastor and the whitefish fly above it from Zimmer Tackle. Both of these set-ups and lures are available at Bob Wards in Missoula.

Everything was tipped with a maggot. They fished from 7am till 3pm
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