Canyon Ferry Fishing – The Next 10 Days Look Strong
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 6, 2018

On Tuesday night the weather turned from a windy cold front to temperatures above 80 degrees for the next 10 days. These warm temperatures are going to bring the water temperature up which will make the Walleye more active resulting in you catching more fish.

Upcoming Canyon Ferry Weather:

Not only are the projected high’s over 80 degrees, the forecast for wind is not overwhelming. In fact a slight wind will produce a nice walleye chop.


America Blessed us with a 31 incher on 4th of July @ Canyon Ferry

Catchem Colin and I were able to experience the first day of this warm front (July 4th) and we noticed the bite turned on as the water warmed up around 1pm and throughout the evening. The walleye were extremely active and we found our best luck casting into shore with jigs.

Tip 1: Worms are Hot

This may be a given, but for those of you that experiment with different baits – worms are the way to go right now. We found that anything with worms was consistently getting hits and catching walleye.


Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to go shallow

Whether you are pulling bottom bouncers, trolling crankbaits or jigging. Do not be afraid to go shallow if you are looking to catch fish with size.


Tip 3: Pay attention to Water Temp

The active fish right now are generally going to be in the areas of the lake that have the highest water temperature. If you decide to go north, check the water temp in the south end of the lake and compare that to the north end. If the water temp is cooler in the north end (like it was for us). You may want to start working your way south.


Tip 4: Use Your Electronics

Use your fish finders to find structures, drops and most importantly to mark fish. If you are not marking any fish after a period of time there is a good chance that you will not be catching any. While fish finders are not 100%, they are a good indicator of whether there are fish at certain depths, etc.


Tip 5: Don’t Be Afraid To Switch It Up

There are days where crankbait fisherman are killing it and jig fisherman are not. Or bottom bouncers being pulled at .7 mph are cold and bottom bouncers being pulled at 1.5mph are hot. Once you find out what catches fish, stick with it and chances are you will have a good day. If you stick to only one tactic all day and it doesn’t produce, you are entering into the land of insanity (doing the same thing over and over expecting different results). Make sure you give each tactic enough time to work, but don’t be afraid to completely switch up what you’re doing if you are not seeing results.



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