By Montana Grant

Posted: July 5, 2018

So I needed to design a canoe rack for my new Ford truck. It has a short bed and no attachment gutter to install a front rack. MMMMM, what to do?

I Googled it! Typing in “canoe racks for pickup trucks” revealed a smorgasbord of ideas, photos and plans to solve my problem. There were many other folks that had already solved my problem! There was no need to “reinvent the wheel”.

When I looked at the solutions, I was able to pick and choose how my truck would fit a supporting rack. All of the ideas are free and helpful. God Bless Google!

I am now in the process of building a rear bed support rack that fits into the board slot of my bed liner. A couple of ratchet straps and a roller made of PVC pipe helps make it easier for one person to load my 17 foot Grumman canoe. The front gunwale will be parked on two foam pads that will protect my roof. Ratchet straps up front and in the back will allow for a safe and practical solution.

Many of my older hunting and fishing buddies shy away from the computer. They are not anxious to learn a new “thing”. It is a shame, because some new things are worth learning.

Most folks are visual learners. Watching a video is often a great way to learn how to tie a new fly, build a rod, or discover a new destination. Simply type in and search what is on your mind. With so much relevant information available at your fingertips, why look anywhere else.

You can also search weather and flow conditions of your favorite hunting and fishing spots. Maps, directions, recipes, and answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet are available.

Maybe we are too old to learn how to “rap” or watch reality shows on TV. Instead of fighting things that are NEW or different, perhaps we should join in and embrace the new ideas that so many take for granted. Adding some of our great solutions and ideas may also be helpful to others. Take a ride on the technology highway and enjoy!

Now let’s see, how do I tie a super salmon fly!

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Montana Grant

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