GO and ROW!!!
By Montana Grant

Posted: July 28, 2018

Navigating Montana rivers is always nautical. Great oarsmen, paddlers, and floaters are always drifting safely and with a sense of humor.

During my last visit to a fishing access vault toilet, I noticed some new signage. Apparently not every boater knows where to row and go. I am glad that our local MT FWP staff are looking out for all our safety needs.

“Please Do Not Row in the Toilet!” You would think that this would be common sense but the next generation of techy, Millennial, Gen Xer’s may need extra education and instructional tips. They come from a different generation than us resourceful, skillful, and intelligent, common sensical Baby Boomers!

Signs are important! We all pay attention to them but sometimes question why. We would probably ask the question, “Why can’t we row in the toilet?” Our friends at the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks thought we might, so they explained why.

“It is extremely difficult to move!”

Thank you so much for caring!

Montana Grant

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