By Montana Grant

Posted: July 21, 2018

If you fish a new river, hire a guide. There are many great guides that can show you tips, tricks, and places. The investment is well worth it.

Many fishermen want to be a guide. The idea of guiding for money sounds easy and profitable. What many guides quickly discover is that they are wrong.

After being a guide, I discovered that getting fiscally rich will never happen. Even with good tips, the amount of money you actually bring home is minimal wage at best. I also spent my life as a public-school teacher. I loved every minute of the guiding and teaching adventures. The memories, friends, brotherhood, and joy of sharing things that you love are enriching. They simply will not make you monetarily rich.

If a guide honestly makes more than $30,000 a year, I would be proud of them. Money is seasonal and fleeting. Bills need to be paid. Wear and tear on your equipment and rigs takes its toll. Tips can be good if you get the rare client that appreciates your efforts. There have been days when everyone in the boat was wore out from catching fish and tipped little. Other days were slow but fun and reaped a huge tip.

To be a legal guide you need a Guide license, large insurance policy, an Outfitter or shop to sponsor you, First Aid Training, boats, trucks, gear, lures and flies, lunches and drinks, fuel, and time. Everyone gets their cut. Tips range from $20 a day/ fisherman to more. Generally, fly fishermen are the cheapest anglers on the river.

Despite the money, I am the wealthiest person in the world. What better job than to share and teach others the joy of learning and fishing. Life is about what we do for others and fishing is a wonderful service. Money does not measure the day. The gift of fishing has a huge ripple effect that often is neglected. Helping others discover the secret to a happy life is wonderful. Your office is a river bank or drift boat!

Fishing saves lives! When we fish, we focus on fishing. Our anxiety, stress, and worries are forgotten for a while. Once rested, recharged, and filled with the joy of being outdoors fishing, we can now tackle any problem that presents itself. No drugs, booze, nothing illegal, just fishing.

Fishing is the perfect addiction. You never get enough, it is legal, it takes great gear and tackle, friends are welcome, and you do it in the open. Fishing requires skills, limits, rules, organization, communication, decision making, hands on learning, questioning, and all of the things that make us great students. You will never master the sport or catch enough fish. You always need to take one more cast.

Fishing is our guide to happiness and a healthy life. Set the hook into the joy of being outdoors, with family and friends for a lifetime. This is the best tip I can share.

Catch a Big One!

Montana Grant

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