By Montana Grant

Posted: July 5, 2018

You know you are getting old when you officially become a Grandparent. Most of my buddy’s brag about their Grandkids. “It is the best thing that ever happened to me!” I hope they are right.

Montana Jessie, my daughter, and her husband Dylan are about to have their world turned upside down. Children change everything. Montana Linda, my wife, and I were lucky to have a Buck and a Doe! That way we had our favorite son and daughter. There was no prestige for being the first or youngest or… We were blessed with two healthy and wonderful children.

I am not sure how to be a Grandpa. It sounds like fun and everyone says it is a wonderful part of life. It is a trail I have yet to travel. As a parent my favorite time was from ages 4-12. The kids could talk and were so cute. Life was fun, easy, and busy. Everything was new and special. Hunting, fishing, camping, and trekking outdoors was fresh and new again.

That is how I feel this new adventure will be like. As hunters and fishermen, we evolve. First, we want to catch a fish, then a bunch of fish. Once our skills grow we seek a BIG fish, then a specific fish. Next, we embrace the opportunity to teach others how to enjoy fishing hunting, and the outdoors.

It worked once with the Montana Grant Kids, I am sure it will work again. I hope to tag and limit out along every step of the Grandpa path. I think our world is about to change too!

I hate changing diapers though!

Montana Grant

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