Beaverhead/Big Hole area fishing report by Frontier Anglers as of 8.15.18
By angelamontana

Posted: August 16, 2018

If you’re wondering what the latest is for fishing in the Beaverhead and Big Hole areas, here’s a list of what to expect, thanks to Frontier Anglers out of Dillon!  Be sure to check out their site for fishing guide services, lodging rentals, fishing reports and more!

Ruby River

The “little” Ruby is fishing excellent. Craneflies, Caddis, Hoppers, Ants and Trico’s, have been best. There are some big fish eating Craneflies early and late in the day. If you haven’t skated a size 6 Cranefly acrossed the surface and watched 3 and 4 pound browns attack like a mad dog you’re missing something!

Poindexter Slough

If you like spring Creek fishing for large trout then you’ll love Poindexter. The bug life has been exceptional. Trico’s, Hoppers and Spuce Moths and the fishing has been great all day. Ever since the Beaverhead Wateshed Committee finished their project on Poindexter the fishing has really picked up and even the “ole” time fisherman are having a blast.

Clark Canyon

The fishing on Clark Canyon has been study with some real nice fish being taken. Most anglers are fishing the Red Rock end but don’t hesitate to check out the Horse Prairie side. There are some big browns over there and usually better Callibaetis hatches. Midges, streamers (they just planted another 150 thousand little rainbows) damels, leeches, and crayfish patterns best.

Big Hole River

The Big Hole is fishing exceptionally well. Spruce Moths, Tico’s, Hoppers, and Ants. The water is in fantastic shape. The Trico’s will show during morning hours and will, on some days, last until 11-12. The Spruce Moths fishing can last all day but is usually best in the morning Then in the afternoon fishing is best using Hoppers and Ants. We’re seeing some big fish on The “Hole” this season, both browns and rainbows. Don’t forget to be careful when wade fishing. The Big Hole is slippery! If you’re wearing studs take 2 wading staffs. With felt bottoms one staff will work.

Beaverhead Gold

The Beaverhead is flat awesome. Spruce Moths, PMD’s, Caddis (size 16-12), Craneflies, and more! Favorite bugs include MVP’s in cream size 14, Goddard Caddis size 14, Elk Hair Caddis size 14, Cream Micro Chubbies size 14, Bloom’s Spruce Moth size 14, Posted PMD Hackle Spinner size 18, Parachute Hopper size 8, Red Neck size 14, Partridge & Peacock size 12, Red Squirrel Nymph size 12, CW Transitional Dun size 18, Brown Bear Brown size 6-10, Crayman size 6, Dave’s Hopper size 8-14, T’s Super Pupa in pink size 14, And so much more!

If you like big fish on dries you should be on the Beav. Not many anglers, and big fat browns and rainbows. And don’t forget your favorite 10′ 3 wt. You’ll land more fish. Oh I forgot to add Zonkers size 4, Yuk Bugs size 4 and Girdle Bugs size 4. If your rod needs exercising we suggest a few days on the Beaverhead!!!