By Montana Grant

Posted: August 16, 2018

BS can have several meanings. It can celebrate “Brothers and Sisters” working together. Perhaps ‘Better Solutions” will help keep our wild places clean. “Being Social” is always a good thing. “Boating Sites” can be maintained and improved.

BS can also represent the “Bad Stewarts” of our wild places and abusive, trashy folks that disrespect Big Sky Country rivers.

Quite frankly it is “BULL S—T” that sportsmen need to clean up after these recreationists that will not clean up after themselves. Didn’t their Mommas teach them some respect?

The Gallatin Valley Trout Unlimited spent the day drifting, walking, and cleaning up the trash left behind. Very little “fishermen trash” was recovered. The trash picked up was related to the hoards of tubers that use the Madison River to float and party along. Ironically, these “Tubers” fill the rivers, access parking lots, and roads with traffic and trash. The river becomes so crowded that fishing is out of the question and parking is impossible.

Busloads of floaters fill the river. Shuttles, hitch hiking and crowds make an outdoor experience wet, wild, and at the expense of everyone else. Literally hundreds of every kind of innertube, inflatable, mini kayaks, and homemade floatables fill the river. In their wake are boatloads of trash.

The most common trash picked up were plastic patch kits. Cardboard backing, tape rolls, and glue containers were in every parking lot. Boxes from new inflatables, socks, shoes, suntan containers, and beverage cans and bottles were in abundance. Glass bottle drinks are often submerged when empty, and litter the rivers bottom. The grossest trash picked up were diapers, dog crap in bags, and left over moldy fast food bags.

The access facilities are way over used and the vault toilets are full.  Alcohol and drug use are rampant. Ironically, many of the recreationists pay no fee, tax, or expense to use, or make money from, facilities paid for by sportsmen license fees and conservation stamps.

We all enjoy swimming and floating on hot summer days but why do some have to leave a trail of trash behind them? They love the experience but ruin it for others. No One enjoys seeing others waste and trash.

Enjoy our public places but respect them. Pick up any trash you find and leave none in your wake.


Montana Grant

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