By Montana Grant

Posted: August 4, 2018

Elk calls are not all created equal. Calling is an art that takes practice. It is a good idea to carry an assortment of unique and different calls. If you call and sound like everyone else afield, then good luck.

The “Hoochie Mama” call is carried by most hunters. This squeeze call by Primos is simple and easy to use. That’s why many hunters use it. This call requires no skill or practice.  When hunting, everyone has heard other hunters making the perfect squeeze call. So, have the elk. We use this call to locate hunters.

You need 3 primary calls.

Start with a bugle. Compact bugles do not make big bull sounds. What sounds good to a hunter is not always what is needed. The elk’s trachea, or wind pipe, is huge. A large call mimics the resonance of this large tubular airway. Amplifying the calls is easier with a tube. You can also bugle with a diaphragm call, with practice, and increase volume with a tube.

Diaphragm calls.    These calls are tricky to learn with but sound great. They require routine practice. Controlling the airflow can really change the sounds that come out of this call. You need this call for hands free use. Get an elk call instructional CD and learn calling skills.

Adjustable mouth call.   Use a call that allows you to vary the pitch and volume. This style call works great when you can use your hands. When a bull is close, the diaphragm call is essential.

Who makes the best calls? Try Bugling Bull or Rocky Mountain Game Calls. Rocky Jacobsen, world champion elk caller, designed the first diaphragm call with a fixed dome. This helps you position the call correctly on the roof of your mouth. Primos calls builds similar diaphragms sharing this technology.  I also suggest Rocky’s Large Grunt tubes and bugles. They come with an expandable windpipe and a detachable mouth piece. This mouthpiece can be used separately to make sweet cow calls. If you just get a grunt tube, with practice you can cow call, bugle, and chuckle with a diaphragm. This makes a more realistic and personal call. Rocky also makes an awesome How to Call, CD. Listen and learn.

Their adjustable mouth call, the “Who’s Yer Daddy” makes great cow calls. You can depress a button to manipulate the pitch of the call. Again, this personalizes your calls.

When calling, tell a story. Add excitement, energy, and personality to your calls. Don’t sound like everyone else. Practice, practice, practice!!!!

Chuckle, grunt, mew!!!

Montana Grant

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