By Montana Grant

Posted: August 5, 2018

None of us like to think about how old we are. The other day I went to the Dr. for my annual checkup and they needed me to fill out a form. “What is your age?” Who cares. I never thought about my age since waiting to be old enough to drive. Stupid me, I did not really know. Sure, I have seen more Presidents, hunting and fishing seasons than Millennials, but… I had to do the math.

This was my ah ha moment. Let’s just say that I am older than I thought but the Dr. said I am way younger than my age. My jogging is on line, regular work outs help, better diet plan is important but…

Getting older means that you get to a point where you have lived longer than you are going to live. That means you better savor every hunting and fishing season you have left.

My dad shot his last buck at 84 years old. His last limit of trout was when he was 88. He made it to 95 so I come from some good genetics.

We only are blessed with so many hunting and fishing seasons. Each year is one less. Celebrate them all. It is not just about filling a tag, it is just about being able to go. We slow down and are less flexible. Many of our old buddies quit, died, or have given up.

Find some Young Bucks to mentor and that appreciate your stories, lessons, and company. Share everything you can while you can. You Young Bucks need to find some old guys and family that need some support. Life is getting short.

Tomorrow, when I jog, maybe I will have a bit more energy in my step. Elk season is just around the corner. The mountains, rivers, and streams are calling, and I plan to be there in as full force as I can.

 Get up and get out! Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Montana Grant

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