By Montana Grant

Posted: August 11, 2018

Mosquitos suck! No one enjoys their buzzing, biting, and buggy manner. They certainly have a place in our ecosystem but…

When afield, keeping mosquitos away is next to impossible. Sprays, lotions, and chemicals help but the blood sucking mosquitos always seem to find a way. Deet repellant can be a good deterrent but can also cause other skin irritations and health problems.

When I was hunting Maryland Elk, known as Sika Deer, we hunted in the swamps of the eastern shore. Clouds of mosquitos were swarming everywhere. Sitting still was next to impossible. We tried everything and finally found a solution.

Thermocell units saved the day. These compact units are loaded with a wafer of mosquito deterrent. The wafers are heated using a fuel cell and broadcast a zone of bug free happiness out to about 20 feet in the right conditions.

This odorless system can be carried on a belt or pack. You literally end up in a protected bubble. When used in a camper, tent, of on your deck, the mosquitos stay away. Each wafer and fuel cell last around 12 hours. Without wind, you can stay protected and sit still.

You can also get this system in the form of a battery lantern that you can keep in camp or on your deck. Just remember to turn the unit off to conserve fuel for the next outdoor session. The effect of a bug free zone takes a few minutes to form. If you are moving, it helps but does not keep all bugs away. Once seated, the zone forms and life is good.

The Thermocell is the only product that I have found that keeps you mosquito free. Replacement wafers and fuel cells are not cheap but well worth the bug freedom they provide. You can purchase these units at hardware stores, such as the Home Depot, or outdoor shops like Cabelas.


Montana Grant

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