Red Meadow Lake an excellent place to learn to fly fish
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: August 13, 2018

The North Fork Road was blanketed in smoke and dust on Saturday and Sunday, as the early beginnings as what would later explode to become a massive wildfire, puffed smoke into the air in Glacier National Park. However on Saturday night there was a brief thunderstorm that cleared the smoke.

This place is a very quiet in one of my favorite secluded spots, located just 18 miles south of the Canadian Border. Red Meadow Lake is a gorgeous alpine lake that I try to visit every year.

After spending the night watching meteors from the Perseid Show illuminate our tent, the next morning more than 14 Arctic grayling were caught on a fly rod within an two hours’ time. While Red Meadow is far from a back packing experience, it’s a great lake for beginner fly fishers. A couple of years ago I ran into a professional author who wrote fishing books about lakes across the Pacific Northwest. He claimed he caught more than 200 fish in a single day, paddling a drift boat across the shallow lake. I believe it.

The lake is known to be an excellent place to spot a moose, but watch out for the chipmunks. They sometimes make off with campers’ bacon. If you have kiddos coming along with you, something to catch frogs and tadpoles might be in order. We caught both on camera and in our hands during our visit.




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