By Montana Grant

Posted: August 4, 2018

The Ruby River is a fun fishery near Alder, Montana. This small meandering river is personal and challenging. Lots of insects, horses, cows, deer, and critters will keep you company. Access is fair but not all landowners’ welcome fishermen. If you are not sure, ask permission.

On this day, Jawbreaker Joe and I stopped at what we thought was a drive-in access. Other truck tracks were there, signs identified the site, and we parked by the river. Joe went upstream, and I went down. I suggest that you fish upstream. The fish spook easy when wading into their face. Fishing was fruitless until I bushwhacked downstream and then fished back.

Nymphs in the deepest pools were the ticket. Small beadheads worked well. The strikes were slight, and a small single indicator helped. I used a 4-weight fly rod and caught a few dozen browns and several HUGE whitefish.  As for surface action, we fished during the day. Some caddis and small mayflies were present but not much action. I saw several risers and caught everyone I fished to. Fish were in the prime, deep water.

Wet wading was comfortable but take some mosquito spray.

None of the trout I caught were over 15 inches. Jawbreaker Joe landed a couple that were 18 inches or better. Fishing was fun, simple, and uncrowded.

When we were done fishing, a landowner came over and asked why we were parked where we were. We explained, and she was fine. Apparently, we missed signage further up the road where there was a parking lot and vault toilet. We made a new friend and now know where to park in the future.

Fish for fun!

Montana Grant

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