Wounded bear killed by FWP officials
By angelamontana

Posted: August 15, 2018

A wounded grizzly bear was killed by FWP officials on Monday on the Marias River west of state highway 417 near Shelby.

The bear was shot July 26 and the incident is under investigation by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The bear was killed because it was not likely to survive the gunshot wound and due to concerns for public safety.

FWP first trapped this 3-year-old male grizzly last October near Choteau where it had been eating apples out of trees near a residence. The bear was collared and released on National Forest land. This summer, the bear returned the prairie lands along the Marias River and got into additional unsecured attractants (chicken feed, and dog food) at one or more residences.  After approaching another residence, the bear was shot.  FWP had tried to locate and trap the bear but was unsuccessful.

The bear was part of the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem grizzly population, which are federally protected under the Endangered Species List.

People who live in the western half of Montana are in grizzly bear country and should secure attractants to prevent bears from coming close to homes and getting used to non-natural foods.  Bears who get into garbage, bird feeders, pet food or other sorts of attractants create a difficult situation for humans and bears.

(via MT FWP)
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