By Montana Grant

Posted: September 20, 2018

Montana Marriages are special and unique. Big Sky Country brings out the best when it comes to love and matrimony. Planning outdoor Montana weddings is a tradition. With luck, it won’t snow, get too windy, or get interrupted by a forest fire.

During this special wedding, Angela Montana and her Beau were joined by a Sasquatch! Maybe it was her perfume, the music, or smell of food from the outdoor venue. Perhaps the Sasquatch has been a distant admirer and just wanted to say farewell and wish her well. He didn’t stay long but he certainly made the wedding eventful.

The wedding couple spends a lot of time hunting, fishing and trapping afield. They have probably been near a Sasquatch many times without knowing it. Big Foot’s long hair and intelligence have kept them secretive for eons.

Unusual visitors often stop by Montana weddings to check out the party. Bears, coyotes, snakes, or deer are common guests. We have heard of weddings that were washed out by rain, buried in snow, or blown out of the valley. That’s what you get in Montana. If you are not up for a rodeo, don’t live here. If you are, then you will find true love and a partner that can Cowboy Up and overcome whatever life and nature throws at you!

After the wedding, some guests said they heard soft crying and bellows from atop the mountain. The sad hearted Sasquatch was saying goodbye and farewell. This wedding was a Superior event and will be remembered by all.

Congratulations on a wonderful Montana love story!

Montana Grant

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