By Montana Grant

Posted: September 16, 2018

Fishing with Dad’s can teach us a lot. One night, we were fishing along a river Jitterbugging for bass. We could not see the shore. It was dark, cold, miserable, and I was bored. I asked my dad why were out there. He said, we were fishing!

He was catching fish and I was just fishing. He told me to imagine every cast had a fish following and was ready to strike. If you don’t think that way, what is the point in taking another cast?

After guiding boatloads of anglers, this is what sets some apart. If you don’t have the attitude that you will catch a fish, what’s the point? The great thing about fishing is that one more cast can save the day. If you don’t have this attitude, then you are only relying on luck and the outcome is guaranteed. You will probably get skunked!

If you are not catching fish, do something about it. Sharpen a hook, change your bait, adjust the presentation. Do not be comfortable with getting skunked.

Catching excuses is easy!  It is easy to blame the weather, crowds, guides, barometric pressure, winds, or whatever. Put your energy and attitude into catching, not fishing. Take what the water gives and adapt to the challenges. Do the opposite of what others, that are getting skunked, are doing.

Mind over matter!

Montana Grant

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