Montana AIS Wrap-Up 2018
By Kamp Cook

Posted: September 15, 2018

Montana is has already surpassed the total number of boat inspections that were done in 2017.
Divers search the dam at Tiber for adult mussels last week and didn’t find any.
A LOT of water sampling has been done all across the state and no mussel larvae have been detected.
With boat traffic slowing down some inspection stations are closing and some are reducing hours. You can find inspection station information at and click “Watercraft Inspections”
Inspectors have found 14 boats coming into Montana with mussels attached. Many these are used boats that the new boat owner is transporting home. Mostly passing thru Montana headed for Oregon, Washington and Canada.
Reminder to waterfowl hunters with boats that watercraft inspections rules still apply. If you see an open inspection station you must stop. If you are bringing a boat into Montana it must be inspected before launching.