Indian Fort FAS Reopens to Traffic
By angelamontana

Posted: October 24, 2018

BILLINGS – Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks reopened the Indian Fort fishing access site at Reed Point to motor vehicles Wednesday.

The site closed to all but walk-in traffic in May after the Yellowstone River washed out part of the access road during high spring runoff. This past week, FWP crews were able to repair the washout enough to reopen the site to vehicles.

About 200 yards of the access road still are too narrow for two vehicles to pass, so motorists will need to observe one-lane courtesies when meeting another vehicle entering or exiting the fishing access site. While the repaired roadway is wide enough to accommodate most vehicles, motorists will need to use their own best judgement when deciding whether they can safely tow trailers or drive large vehicles, such as some motorhomes, into the site.

The repairs that allowed FWP to reopen the site to motor vehicles are temporary, so high water next spring or other factors may necessitate new restrictions or closures in the future.

FWP originally planned a permanent fix to the washout, but construction was stalled because of questions about anticipated costs, expanding the current right-of-way and permits to work in the river. The temporary fix will allow people to sue the popular fishing access site while those questions are debated.

(via MT FWP)